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Criminal E-Service

For all documents required or permitted to be served by e-mail, attorneys may send their documents to the following e-mail addresses:

(Remember, for each email, the size of all attachments combined may not exceed 10MB and must be in .pdf format.)

County Court Division Email Addresses

County Court - Belle Glade
County Court - Division B
County Court - Division C
County Court - Division E
County Court - Division L
County Court - Division M
County Court - North County
County Court - Division P
County Court - South County
County Court - Division T2
County Court - DOVE Unit

Juvenile Division Email Addresses

Juvenile - Belle Glade
Juvenile - Division K
Juvenile - Division L
Juvenile - Division M
Juvenile - Division O
Juvenile - Intake
Juvenile - SC
Juvenile - Sex Offender

Felony Division Email Addresses

Felony - Division R
Felony - Division S
Felony - Division T
Felony - Division U
Felony - Division V
Felony - Division W
Felony - Division X
Felony - Division Z
Felony - Traffic Homicide Unit
Felony - Organized Crime Unit
Felony - Special Victims Unit
Felony - Public Crimes Unit
Felony - White Collar Crime Unit
Felony - Intake Unit
Felony - DOVE Unit
Felony - Belle Glade
Felony - CFTD
Felony - Major Crimes Unit
Felony - Sober Homes Unit

Other Divisional Email Addresses

Division - Gun Club
Executive Service
Post Conviction